I like to befriend my friends' cats, since I have none of my own.
I like to befriend my friends’ cats, since I have none of my own.

Hello! I’m Miriam Joy — although some of you may know me as Finn, a nickname with a long and complicated history. I’m a novelist, poet, blogger, occasional vlogger, student, dancer, folk musician, and procrastinator. I’m agender and use they/them pronouns (if you want to know more about my non-binary identity, my coming out post is here).

I hail from South-East London, but I’m currently studying Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge. It’s a course that contains elements of history, literature, and languages, and is mostly so obscure that no one’s heard of it. I write poetry and novels that include teenage assassins, modern-day knights, fairies, and punk librarians — usually not all at the same time. You can find all my publications on my “Books” page. As well as these, my poetry has appeared in The Dawntreader, two issues of Cambridge Notes, and I’ve performed at an event organised by Cambridge PEN in support of imprisoned writers.

When not studying or writing, I read a lot of books, make occasional YouTube videos, dance (ballet and Irish dance), play music (mostly folk), and binge-watch Netflix shows. Sometimes I do Historical European Martial Arts, which seems to consist mainly of hitting people with swords — it’s great fun. At other times I do archery.

My health’s… pretty terrible, as I have hypermobility syndrome, coelicac disease, anxiety, and depression, all of which contribute to giving me chronic pain and fatigue. When my hypermobility flares up I can’t really type or hold a pen for any length of time, so you may see me blogging about my struggles with speech recognition software, or just about my latest dislocation.

I have eclectic and possibly questionable music taste, with playlists that go from Purcell to Green Day or Bach to My Chemical Romance in the space of a track. I’m a big fan of musicals and also prone to breaking into renditions of “Manboy” by Eric Saade, so approach all music recommendations with due wariness.

I own more books than I can really store in my room (500-something at the last count), I’ve worked as a school librarian, and I’ve volunteered in my local library, so it’s safe to say I love books. I have a book blog (Miriam Joy Reads) where I write reviews, and you can also find me on Goodreads. I’m passionate about social issues including poverty, equality, and diversity; I’m a left-wing queer feminist, so you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, and a note: since I care about social justice and also do swordfighting, it would be entirely accurate to call me an SJW, so don’t bother trying to use that as an insult (it only ever seems to come out of the mouths of bigots, so says a lot more about you than about me).

Other places you can find me:

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For further information about me, the following posts might provide a decent introduction:

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If you’re wondering what it’s like to study at Cambridge, you might want to read my Day In The Life.

Or, if you’re more of the visual type, you might want to check out the “Channel Trailer” I made for YouTube about a year ago, showing the various incarnations of my hair between 2011 and 2013, and giving you a fairly good impression of the kind of person I am: A Crash-Course In … Me (and its follow-up Miriam Joy 2014). One day I’ll make one of these that’s actually up-to-date, but it is not this day.

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    1. Sure, go ahead. I love new readers, it’s great to know that somebody’s actually paying some attention to my crazy scribblings. And yes, I like Protagonize, it’s really good :) It’s helped my writing so much!

  1. Hi Del.

    The Url in the website is my Protagonize profile page. I don’t have a website, nor do I know how to make one.

    I really liked your interview with Jonty. You and Spook amaze me. You’re both so young, and yet you’ve both done so much, creatively. The sheer amount of your work is dazzling. When do you get a chance to sleep – or eat – or breathe?


    1. Umm, we don’t? Ha ha :) I think I’m right in saying that Spook and I both type as fast, or faster, than we speak – an achievement if you meet her, or so she says, and definitely the same for me! And we have a lot of inspiration. Besides, when I first joined Protagonize I posted a lot of stuff I’d written bp (before Protag lol) so I guess I have an excuse.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. I was wordpress hopping other writing blogs, and I stumbled across yours. As a fellow NaNoWriMo devotee, hey!

    Good luck with your book! Keep on at it. You’ll get there.

    1. Thanks for dropping in! It’s always nice to meet new people – one of the best things about the Internet, I guess :)
      Thanks for the encouragement. I know I’ll get there in the end … it’s all the time in the middle that’s bothering me. But it’s all part of the job. Third draft … here I come. Most drafts I’ve ever written of anything – I normally get bored after the first edit.

    1. Hi, I’m still just working out blogging myself. There’s no tried and tested formula. Just keep posting and make friends rather than commenting everywhere with a link, that’s one way of doing it! People are less likely to visit if you spam, but if you’re friendly and you comment they’ll link out of curiosity. That’s my one tip!

  3. HI, I’m 13 and am taking my GCSE’s early. I wanted to ask for help coz’ im doing ‘Don’t get me started on….’ assessment that you did. My topic is: Dont get me started on… the modern day vampire. Could you give me any pointers! Devi xx btw. how did u make this website??

    1. It’s a WordPress blog – just go to wordpress.com and sign up. It’s free and VERY easy, I’ve been using it about three years now :)
      Okay, don’t get me started on. Well, the idea is to talk about something that really annoys you. We got to choose ours, because it’s much easier to rant about something if it really makes you angry! So, if you chose that topic, you’ve probably got some reasons why it annoys you. If, however, you were given it, try looking into various versions of the myths and various books that have interpreted it differently (whether well or not… ahem, Twilight). I wrote about Twilight because it’s just irritating, and I read through the book again before the exam to make sure I was quoting it accurately.
      To be honest, the best piece of advice anyone can give you is ‘get angry about your topic’. It’s meant to be a column in which you rant. So, rant. Don’t sit there thinking of literary techniques. Be honest and just spew out all your feelings. You get hours and hours to do it, so if it comes out messy or clumsy you can write a second draft in the exam thing and that’s all fine :D
      Good luck, and thanks for visiting! :D

  4. I love, love, love your website title….oh, how real life gets in the way of writing, especially in those moments when you want to be trapped inside of an interesting thought/idea!

    Courtney Hosny

  5. Starting early helps when it comes to writing. The more you write along with feedback from trusted Beta readers who will respond with honesty, the better your writing will get.

    Joyce Carol Oates started writing when she was 14 and look where she is now as an author.

    And poetry offers a window to the soul. Some of my poetry was written as a way for me to understand the horror of PTSD that followed me home from Vietnam in 1966.

  6. I am a feminist, too, and while not lesbian, I do support that community of people. I’m also not from where you’re from so I do not use the word “queer” but I love it all the same. If you’d lime to look at my feminism blog, the URL is: thisismyvoice.wordpress.com.

    1. Hey there. I’m actually not a lesbian either — I use the word “queer” as a more general catch-all term for LGBTQ folks, and I mostly identify as asexual these days, although I’m still figuring things out. Another reason to use a more flexible word! Hope that clears things up. Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting. :)

    1. Aww, thank you, that’s very sweet. I can’t guarantee I’ll actually fulfill the tag, unless I have a dead blogging week and want to write something, but I appreciate it anyway.

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