Feis Report: First Kelley O’Boyle Open Feis

Feis Report: First Kelley O’Boyle Open Feis

Well, it was pretty hectic, yet we seemed to wait around forever before it started! They had to wait for the U14 Preliminary Championship results to be read out so that my lot could start, seeing as I’m in U14 and that. Shows what I was up against if half the people I was competing against were in Championships.

Anyway, first up was the Primary Reel, and there were only two of us. Never mind, guaranteed trophy, though it means I can’t move up. Then came the Intermediate Light Jig, and I’m up against a whole bunch of people in dresses and wigs. Biggest competition I’ve been in save the Primary Reel at my class feis in June. After that I was back to Primary for the Hop Jig (or single jig) and it was just me. In the programme it said there was another girl, but she didn’t dance. I don’t know why. Still, guaranteed larger trophy for that one! Then Intermediate Slip Jig, and I was conscious the whole way through how boring my dance was compared to the others. It’s a Primary dance, you see, because I haven’t learned the new one yet.

After that came the light shoe results:

Primary Reel – (2 people) – 2nd
Intermediate Light Jig – (lots of people) – not placed
Primary Hop Jig – (just me) – 1st (I’d be pretty disappointed if I wasn’t!)
Intermediate Slip Jig – (lots of people) – not placed

A little disappointing, I’ll admit, but I’ve only been in Intermediate for about four weeks so it’s not unexpected at all. We all lined up for the Intermediate Heavy Jig, which I felt went all right except I was out of time with the music sometimes. Plus, the judge wasn’t even looking for my favourite bit with the rock and the toestands! Annoying much :( After that came Intermediate Hornpipe, which went well for the right foot but I messed up the timing completely on the left foot and ended up dithering in the corner. No toestands in that one either to give me a bit of credit, which is a shame.

Intermediate Heavy Jig – (lots of people) – not placed
Intermediate Hornpipe – (lots of people) – not placed

Well, no Intermediate trophies for me, then! But the two that I did get were pretty heavy in my bag so I was (sort of) glad I didn’t have any more to carry. I also managed to buy some new hard shoes, which was good, though they’re jolly stiff and I’m getting blisters just from trying to wear them in.

(1) photo coming soon.

I wandered about for a bit after all the dances and my total purchase list was this:

(1) plastic number holder
(1) plastic number holder clip
(1 pair) elastics for shoes
(1 pair) laces for soft shoes
(1 pair) laces for hard shoes
(1 pair) new hard shoes
(2) ribbons for medals (I didn’t get any today but my other medals were sharing 4 to a string!)

And a meal of nuggets and chips, of course. So all in all, it was an expensive day, but I did really need the shoes. These are actually the same size but they’re ultraflexis as opposed to superflexis so they should stretch more and they’re better for toestands. Apparently. I have to break them in first!

After the competition we went down to number 41 Cecil Avenue which was where my grandma used to live. The school in which the competition was held was built on the site of her school that was bombed by a doodlebug during the war! Fancy that. We had a long conversation yesterday lunchtime about the area. It was very interesting.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “Feis Report: First Kelley O’Boyle Open Feis

  1. Okay, so I lied. Morning can wait xD
    Sounds like you had a good time there! I too know the pain of breaking in new shoes – my feet grew so much in my primary school years I needed a new pair every term! Still, once they’re worn in I’m sure they’ll be fab :)

    Good work Del! :D

    1. Thank you. I’m going to put olive oil on them today because that was recommended to me as a technique … I’m worried though, in case it makes them smell! Hard shoes are much harder to break in and you have to dance in them … it’s awkward. Still, these have got suede soles so I can almost do toestands the same as I could in my old (leather-soled) shoes, even after less than a day!

    1. Thank you :D So far I’m using Vaseline. Which may seem like a waste of multi-purpose petroleum jelly, until you discover that it is in fact 9 years past its date, and we still use it.

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