It’s Getting Slowly Longer … (My Novel, that is)

It’s Getting Slowly Longer … (My Novel, that is)

  1. King Niall became king at 58,000 words. Not before. He was named as successor somewhere in the 40,000s, but he didn’t become king until then.
  2. The scene I wrote on my whiteboard as a sketchy outline, two days before NaNo started, has finally been included – at 69,000 words.
  3. Parts of my outline are gradually being changed and extended, so I’m still not halfway through … at 70,000 words.
  4. My main female character has two men in love with her. She’s not in love with either of them. This was not supposed to be a love story. One of my other characters is in love with another girl and there’s a big problem with the two mains anyway.
  5. My main female character has magic powers, like a druid. This was not intended to be fantasy – just pure historical fiction. But if you let the cailleach in, you have to prepared for what will follow, right?
  6. I’m almost certain that I completely forgot to mention what happened to a couple of the characters. That’s going to have to be sorted out.
  7. Having hit 70,000 words I am now wondering how long it will take before I actually finish the story, seeing as the actual plot doesn’t seem to be moving very fast….

This is was NaNo does to you. It started out as a novel planned to be around 80,000 words, and I didn’t intend to have magic druid stuff in there. Now look what happened!

7 thoughts on “It’s Getting Slowly Longer … (My Novel, that is)

  1. I feel your pain. My plot goes very slowly in places, but now it’s jumped forwards and made me force my hand into a scene I didn’t intend to happen until much later. Ah well, I’ll just have to cut the waffle beforehand and stick in some of the crucial stuff that needs happen before this scene after November’s over …. December should be NaNoEdMo – National Novel Editing Month xD

  2. (Hope you don’t mind my popping back here from time to time, your NaNo made me curious.)

    Anyway, congrats on your plot trying to run away with you! I am rather in awe of the length already, and can’t help but giggle at your impromptu magical powers, which is something I can sympathise with as it’s happened to me repeatedly over the years. I have to ask though, are you going to update this any further on protagonize? I read what you had up when you posted the link in the Spork Room and was slightly distressed when I got to the end of the ‘next’ button options.

    Also, I just noticed the post below this one and I must say I am most envious of you getting to go see that, I loved my videos of that and Feet of Flames to death as a kid. Would have loved to have a go at dancing, but I have two left feet and no balance, so I just watch anyone who can dance and go ‘wow’ knowing it must kill afterwards (and under stage lighting as well.)

  3. 70,000 words already!? Are you sure you are human?? This is beyond awesome!!!
    4 and 6 are happening in my novel too…And my MC plans to do everything against what I have planned for her. So annoying…:(

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