Snow (Featuring: “Why were you late?”)

Snow (Featuring: “Why were you late?”)

So snow has finally hit the south-east, much to the delight – rather than the dismay – of the many London schoolchildren who have been feeling a little hard-done-by when they heard about the thousands of schools across the country that weren’t in school.

Well, technically we were, since we were made to go in. And may I tell you, it took a very long time! I spent most of the bus journey with a friend, Caitlin, thinking of excuses for being late:

  • “And why were you late?” “The staircases moved, sir.”
  • “And why were you late?” “Somebody shut down the Floo network; I couldn’t get through.”
  • “And why were you late?” “I just hitchhiked from the other side of the Horsehead Nebula, I think I deserve a bit of credit.”
  • “And why were you late?” “I was swallowed by a whale, sir.”
  • “And why were you late?” “I couldn’t see the thestral, sir. Had to hang around and kill my brother so I could get on.”
  • “And why were you late?” “Came out the wrong grate, sir, ended up in Welling.”
  • “And why were you late?” “Darned chameleon circuit, can’t it just work for once? Sorry, but I’ve been trying to fix that thing since 1963.”

And my own personal favourite …

  • “What is the meaning of this?” “42, sir.”

Yes. A very useful occupation. (Kudos if you can name the books/films they came from) Anyway, when we eventually got into school we were covered in snow and very late, but no one cared so that was good :) Had an Italian exam too, and halfway through somebody knocked on the door to stay that we were finishing at Period 4 and would be able to go home early. Hooray!

My friend Caitlin and I have a routine whenever we’re together. Usually, we miss a bus. (Today – check). Then, we buy chips to comfort ourselves, or rather, she buys chips and I eat them. (Today – check). Then we go and visit our primary school at the other end (Today – check). Finally, we argue about which way to walk home. (Today – half check, I gave in pretty easily).

Only some idiot year 11 knocked the chips out of our hands with a snowball so we only got about half of them, but they were nice and warm anyway :)

So, is it snowing where you are? Or have you got any good excuses for being late? Let us know!

Oh, and if your parents are surprised to see you sent home from school early …

  • “What are you doing here?” “Time inconsistencies… I knew that TARDIS needed servicing.”
  • “Why are you so early?” “Oh, timey-wimey stuff…”

2 thoughts on “Snow (Featuring: “Why were you late?”)

  1. Hitchhikers and Harry Potter …. oh, how I love them both xD

    We have a smattering of snow – not settling, but its still purrdy. I’m so jealous! I want to throw snowballs!
    We did two years ago, and we had a whole-school snowball fight out on our sports pitches … there is no greater satisfactoin than slapping your headmistress in the face with a lump of frozen water.
    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Very, very cold. Mwua ha ha ha!

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