Student Occupations

Student Occupations

People are saying this isn’t yet a revolution. I think it is. After all, they thought we were all unmotivated idiots who took the education we had for granted – and yet there they all are, fighting for it, marching for it, braving the cold as they occupy buildings and wait for people to see sense and stop these fees from rising. Why can’t they just see that this is a bad idea?

I’ve been following the protests closely. I would like to be up there marching with them all, and I would be, given half the chance. Unfortunately, there are the parents: “You’re too young for that sort of thing! You’re not a student!” Yes, but I will be all too soon, and if we don’t fight now then I won’t be able to afford it, will I? What good is ten grand in savings if it costs that much for one year of uni?

I’d like it to be known that I support all of those in peaceful protests and occupations right now. I’m with them in spirit, even if I can only sit at home and yell at the computer. Of course I know there are people being violent and I don’t think that’s a good idea. But I also know there are police being violent to them – without provocation. There’s evidence of this on YouTube and the various websites that have sprung up about the occupations.

The government has managed to mobilise and politicise an entire generation … but not for the right reasons. How long before they realise what they’ve done?

There’s a reason that people are currently waiting for their friends to bring them more food supplies and bedding. There’s a reason that people are ill after spending nine hours kettled in Trafalgar Square. There’s a reason that parents of fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds are angry because the school pupils, too, were kept in the Square for protesting. There’s a reason that right now in Oxford people can’t get to the library they need because of the occupation.

There’s a reason that the students of Britain are mobilising and doing something that they feel needs to be done.

I can’t make the video embed work but you can watch it here – warning, bad language.

6 thoughts on “Student Occupations

  1. I like what you’re saying Del! I wish I could say I wanted to join in too – but I’m afraid I’m something of a coward, although I’m still very peeved about these fees rising!

    Let’s hope this action – if, as I’m afraid it is, is going to stay – does us some good, in some way or another, eh?

  2. Same! But I’m scared of the riots too – big crowds, strange place, possibility of getting attacked/mugged/in serious trouble or some other predicament does not appeal to wusses such as myself. Ehehehehe :P

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