Drafts and Books

Drafts and Books

My Third Draft Is Still Alive!

My third draft is now 20 (17) pages long now, so I’ve done six today. I’ve also reordered a large dollop of plot/character development, and I’m planning to add in a couple of extra characters too.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how my second draft was almost the same as the first but better written, and my third draft is completely different? That’s what happens when you get a second opinion, though. I have a feeling this one will be considerably longer, too…

World Book Night/Day

On a completely different topic, or perhaps not so different, it’s World Book Night tonight. Thursday, as you may know, was World Book Day – where a load of people sold cheap books, and other people dressed up as characters. I’m not quite sure why. (My day was totally made by the guy walking around my school in a dressing gown, carrying a towel. Arthur Dent is in Bexley. Oh yes.)

So, on BBC2, from 7.30pm, we get lots of programmes about books. And why do I care about this? Because one of the programmes is called ‘The Books We Actually Read’ (or something along those lines), and I’m going to watch it. To find out what will make people read my book.

I’m not sure if this will actually help me as a writer, but I think it might. And when you’re only four chapters into your third draft, that’s probably a good time to watch it, right? Yeah, I thought so too.


I mentioned that people dress up as characters. At my own school, only sixthformers are allowed to participate in this stimulating activity. So, my friend and I spent quite a while discussing what we would dress up as in two years time …

After much debating (why are all books set in urban times? So annoying – no decent costumes!), we came to a decision.

She is going as Marvin.

I will be sporting a papier mache head and extra arm. Zaphod Beeblebrox is in town, people!

2 thoughts on “Drafts and Books

  1. You are just too awesome Del. We didn’t do ANYTHING for World Book Day at my school, which sucks :(

    Still going to carry my towel around on Towel Day though xD

    1. Take photos – I want to see! :) Yes, it’s annoying that the rest of us don’t get to dress up. Some of the teachers had brilliant costumes – there was an English teacher with paper ears on, standing at the gate, holding a cucumber, saying “Snozzcumber anyone?”

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