USBs With Delusions Of Grandeur

USBs With Delusions Of Grandeur

I edited fourteen pages yesterday, of size 11 Tahoma with narrow margins. It was hard work. I was going to tell you about that, but it seemed pretty obvious, since that’s what I always say. So, I’m going to talk instead about my USB pen.

If you know me, follow me on Twitter, or generally talk to me elsewhere, you know that I break technology. A lot. In fact, if you read this blog you’ll know that – I’m on my sixth web browser, and I managed to break it yesterday. But it’s working again now, I think. This time, the issues really weren’t my fault. We don’t know what’s wrong with it …

My USB thinks it’s a hard drive. I’m not sure why, because we reformatted it several times when we first wiped the company information off it and gave it to me (yes, I use a free USB. It’s called economising). It should probably have worked out pretty quickly that it was just a pen drive, but it doesn’t seem to have caught on.

Delusions ...You see? Not only is it called ‘APOLLO’ (and although it was me that named it, I only called it that because that’s the company it’s from), it thinks it’s a hard disk drive.

You’ll see that it appears to be the ONLY hard disk drive in the computer. It’s a school computer. They’re on a network. That makes them do strange things; don’t ask me how it works, for I haven’t a clue.

I tried for quite a while to persuade the USB to behave like any other USB, but it didn’t work. In the end, I got so used to finding it in the Hard Disks section of My Computer that when I use somebody else’s USB it takes me several moments to find it, because I’m looking in the wrong place.

Anyway, I guess it makes it easily recognisable …

So, you got any issues with technology? Wait, no. Stupid question. Doesn’t everyone?

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2 thoughts on “USBs With Delusions Of Grandeur

  1. Haha, I have two USBs, and as problematic as thy are they’re nothing like yours xD
    The first one is smaller, and I always have to delete the things on it and re-send them because it doesn’t like my files and folders system to be updated and scrambles it every time I send the documents over.
    The second one …. it thinks it’s a ninja. Seriously, I have to look EVERYWHERE and plug it in about six times before it’ll reluctantly show itself – and even then it won’t hang around for long before convincing my laptop it doesn’t exist again, so I have to send things over in super speed before it says “Nope, I’m not here, so I can’t do that!”

    Why do they hate us so?

    1. Ninja USB. I like it. I think mine would do a better job at being invisible if it wasn’t sort of fat and white with a logo on it. But I can imagine that from yours. After all, you’re like the ultimate ninja. You vanished off Facebook!

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