I will be absent for the next two weeks or so. Sorry about that.

“But why?” you are asking. “Where could you possibly be going that’s more important than blogging? Why do you leave us?”

Um, readers, I’d much rather be blogging, actually. I’m not going anywhere. I’m sticking my butt in a chair and revising for two weeks, with a few hours off where I have to get myself into school, take an exam, and then come back again. Eight days of exams, one day off and one day where we’re going down to the National Festival of Music for Youth.

And in between each exam? Work. This week, mostly art. Which is unfortunate, because I’ve also got maths exams, which are the ones I need to work for, and a french writing exam which I haven’t even started working on yet. I spent about two and a half hours today working on my artist copy for art, after five hours earlier this week, and it’s still not finished. I have now spent more time on it than I actually get in my mock exam, and this is about a quarter of the size of the one I have to do then …

I’ve done one hour of history. Before I go to bed tonight, I must do at least another hour of history, one hour of Maths, and half an hour of violin practice and flute practice respectively. This adds up to three hours … oh, and I have to eat. So I shouldn’t still be working at ten, which is good, for sleep is the only way I’ll pass my maths exam (lack of sleep and headaches has led to some interesting answers, which I’ll share with you soon).

But I won’t be blogging during these exams. Or tweeting. Or using Protagonize / Facebook for more than half an hour per day, unless I’m seriously shattered or my parents are out. If you catch me writing a post that’s more than 100 words long without a seriously good reason, please yell at me to go revise.

Which is what I should be doing right now. I’m going to go. Though (dangerously) I will be leaving the computer on in order to listen to music on Spotify while I write notes on the Treaty of Versailles …

4 thoughts on “SAVE ME!

  1. Leaving the computer on…that’s dangerous. I know about that because I should currently be studying for a molecular biology exam. I feel your pain :).

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, it’s dangerous. I left it there with a picture open in paint – “REVISE …. OR ELSE! if you do not study, you shall not pass.” Red and white on black – a great reminder when I looked up with the few to just quickly checking my emails …

  2. Ah, that blasted Treaty … I have to do that too :P
    We shall suffer together Del! Hang in there, we’ll come out alive in the end!

    1. Now I’m onto the 1930s. Just finished Abyssinia …
      I can’t believe I’m only on the 14th October in my notes. Thank goodness the last month of notes are stuff that I don’t need for the exam, else I’d be here till kingdom come.

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