The Art Exam – Part 2

The Art Exam – Part 2

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Checking my blog every day to read it. (You know, if you subscribed you’d never have that problem). It’s Part 2 of ‘The Art Exam’ …

Um hi. I should draw :/

I spend more time rubbing out than I do drawing. How depressing is that?

I think I’m going to finish this early. Not good.

I really want to listen to music. They should let us. I mean, you can’t cheat in an art exam, can you? So what difference does it make if I have headphones in? Our school – well the exam board – is ridiculous sometimes. Bunch of fascists, I swear.

I concentrate so much more with a deadline.

Hey, guess what I just realised? I have a whole HOUR left. This is mental. Soon, I might die – or have a mental breakdown, I’m not sure which.

I’m actually quite enjoying this. We should do this every week … HA, APRIL FOOL!

Fine tuning. What stays and what goes. Who lives and who dies. Everything left to me. For me to choose. Every choice I make will kill somebody, every choice I make will break a heart, how long, I ask you, how long can I hold out?

[edit – I have no idea what I was thinking right then. Sort of poetic though]

I. Am slowly killing. Myself.

I write now more slowly, the letters tiny to fit more in. Must keep drawing. The writing goes on. Keep me sane, and I will finish this drawing and let it be.

So many pencils all in one room that it sounds like the sea, and I am just one drop. I pause. The wave stops, abrupt, continues and I watch it out to sea. How much longer?

Throat is parched. Drink water…

As soon as I get out of here I am putting my headphones in no matter who is talking to me or why. And I have a fecking concert tomorrow. Great. So no bunking off band then … who knew that art could be so tiring? Not I.

Some people probably think, “oh no, only 35 minutes to finish it.” Me? “In 35 minutes I can be out of here … yes!”

This is our God, the servant king. He calls us now to follow him. To give our lives, as a daily offering, of worship to, the servant king.

Half an hour. Come on. Half an hour.

The skeleton in that cupboard is watching me. It’s a walk-in cupboard. Yes, there’s a skeleton in it. This is the art department. The words ‘skeleton in your closet’ have never been used more literally.

[edit – Sometimes it’s best not to ask questions]

Okay, gonna go punch more walls now.

I just had a very interesting conversation with a door. Well, I say conversation. I THINK it was listening, but it might have glazed over slightly. Not sure it really understand what I was trying to say.


Watching Amy use a rubber to get pencil off her hands, lol. Watching her draw is much more interesting than working…

4 thoughts on “The Art Exam – Part 2

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with a door; I have offered reassurances to my car when she’s had mechanical failures, and berated a cardboard box or two, but doors, not yet. :P

  2. You’re right– I have been waiting for it! I loooove your blog; it makes me laugh when I’m avoiding editing my own novel or working on homework (or updating my blog, haha).
    You probably never see my pageviews…wait for it… because I subscribed! anyway, just wanted to say Hi and please keep writing; my days are way better when you post. :)

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