A Productive Day and No Excuse

A Productive Day and No Excuse

Readers. Readers! Welcome. I haven’t seen you in a while. Or rather, I have seen you, but it’s been pretty uneventful and not really very interesting. More crazy than interesting, to be quite honest.

Anyway, I’ve realised I’ve got absolutely no excuse for not writing a proper blog post now, since not only are most of my exams over but it’s also the holidays – and a Saturday at that. So three reasons why I really have to sit down and write you an update.

Firstly, I’ve realised what I need to do: enter competitions. And so that’s what I’ve been doing. Though I wouldn’t call myself a poet by any stretch of the imagination I’ve entered two poetry competitions, and a short story competition that’s running RIGHT NOW! at The Hack Novelist’s place – click here to find out more …

If I won every competition I’ve entered I’d get £150 and a Kindle. And I’m actually pretty proud of some of my entries … that’s why I sent them. However, I’m unlikely to win so let’s move on. What else is happening?

Oh yes, I wrote two short stories for other competitions which I haven’t got around to printing out and sending yet, on account of the fact I’m still waiting for a couple of friends to return them with critiques (and I’ve just realised I sent them the old version, unfortunately…). They were called: I Had A Dancer’s Name and The Eagle Child. One is for a Writing Magazine contest; the other’s for some other competition that I’ve forgotten the name of. There are lots. I was planning to enter them all.

So that’s me in writing terms. Oh, I’m doing Script Frenzy and I’m 50 pages in, so halfway through the script and 98 pages into the book, which is 316 pages long. Yeah, this could take me a while. And I’ve just started another novel – I’m about 2,500 words in and I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens next. I’m also supposed to be working on an edit of Watching in order to get my NaNo proof copies before the end of June, but I haven’t really got around to that yet. I’ll do it soon. This holiday. I promise!

Today was pretty productive. I tidied and cleaned my room (with some help from mother dear) and it now looks scarily neat. I chucked out loads of dressing up stuff and five leotards, none of which fit any more. Hey, I did dance for six years. Don’t look at me like that.

I wrote 9 pages for Script Frenzy, sort of making up for the fact I haven’t written any since Wednesday, and definitely making up for it by the fact that I’m now where I should be on Day 15 (and today’s Day 9).

I wrote 2500 words for a new novel and wrote some random plot pointers on the whiteboard on my wall, which are as follows:

  • children – magic
  • adults want to rule – ‘puppets’
  • revels
  • ‘queen of world’ – can’t deal any more
  • revolution?
  • lose power (adults)
  • bad kids? abuse privileges – not magic any more? shame

Although I should point out that when I wrote this on my whiteboard, (a) there were no bullet points, (b) I spelt ‘privileges’ wrong (priveleges), and (c) I’d double underlined shame just to emphasise how important it was.

Notice there are no characters here. My main character is called Nit. Her sister is called Minne. Her friends are Kel, Jac, Met. Her parents are Elan and Kan. I’ll leave you to work out what on Earth the story is about.

If you do manage to work it out, please let me know. I’d be delighted to find out.

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