Blog vs Vlog

Blog vs Vlog

I haven’t been blogging a huge amount recently. Well, it feels to me like I haven’t blogged so often. I’m not entirely sure whether that’s true, or whether it’s just an illusion, but hey. I feel like I haven’t blogged, so I’m going to go ahead and write this post regardless.

Those of you that hang around here will know that I occasionally have to shamelessly self-promote my stuff. Why? Because otherwise no one would know about it, duh. (And I am totally pretending I didn’t just write “no one would no about it”, because that kills my status as a writer.)

So, today I’m going to shamelessly self-promote. Sorry. Feel free to go away. On the other hand, if you’ve just wandered over here, then please stick around. You’re probably cool.

Right. I haven’t been blogging. Why? Because … I’ve been vlogging. That’s right, guys, it’s those videos again. I’m managing to get at least one up every week so far, which is exciting. I’m also borrowing a video camera (for the whole of next week!) which is going to make it so much easier … I’m currently using an ancient webcam.

Vlogging is fun. You know what I look like, you know what I sound like, you can multi-task and check your emails while listening to me, and it’s generally an excuse to play the random mini accordion in my cupboard. Necessary? No, but amazing anyway.

But blogging’s got its advantages too. Let’s have a look at the whole picture…


  • The audience can understand me better because they know what I look like and what I sound like.
  • The audience can multi-task; the process takes less of their own time.
  • I can use various props including musical instruments and proof copies of terrible books.
  • I have to keep my room tidy, in order to have a good background, so it encourages better habits. 
  • I’m getting better at not stumbling when I read aloud.
  • The audience knows what I look and sound like. This means actually having decent hair. For once.
  • The audience can multi-task, so might get distracted.
  • I use musical instruments. This can cause death.
  • I have to keep my room tidy, which requires more physical effort.
  • My webcam is so terrible that my lips are always out of sync – and my computer crashes every time.
See? All the advantages can be reworked as disadvantages. What about blogging?
  • I can take as long as I want writing a post, updating it later if it turns out wrong.
  • I can develop my skill as a writer, with communication and typing and punctuation etc.
  • I don’t have to show myself on camera, and there’s very little technology to break.
  • I might spend forever on a post, updating it constantly, and never publishing it.
  • I spend so much time writing my blog that my real writing gets abandoned.
  • WordPress can crash and lose my posts, as happened last time…
So there are advantages and disadvantages to both. For the moment, I think I’ll keep on with both. So if you’re sick to death of my blog and the colour scheme and all that, why not head over to YouTube? But if you don’t want to listen to my voice, and think my hair is terrible, stay here. You could even subscribe.

2 thoughts on “Blog vs Vlog

  1. Vlogging always scared me. I mean, the prospect of doing it, not watching other people. It’s not like I view Vlogs from behind the sofa or anything. I like words, I like writing them down, mucking about with them and checking through them once they’re there to make sure they say what I wanted them to say. All too often, I find that speaking doesn’t come out right. I need an edit function on my mouth, and I don’t fancy watching myself over and over to get the editing right on a vlog. But don’t let that stop YOU!

    1. Oh, I know what you mean. I have to do all of my videos in one take, as I don’t have any way of editing them. It often takes several re-records to get it right, as I tend to trip over my words! Often I don’t say at all what I set out to say, but I figure that’s half the fun and I leave it at that :)

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