Towel Day Roundup

Towel Day Roundup

Did you celebrate Towel Day yesterday? No? I’m shocked.

I’m sure you’ve got an excuse. “I can’t take a towel to work! People would give me weird looks!” Or how about this one? “I might get it dirty…”

I would like you to know that I:
(a) Carried a towel with me the entire day – on the bus to and from school, in lessons, at ballet class (except when actually dancing)
(b) Sat on my towel at the bus stop and while waiting for a lift – the perfect solution to the dirty floor
(c) Thwacked someone around the head with a towel…but I had a good reason. They asked me this question:


*sigh* The Hitchhiker’s Guide has EVERYTHING to do with towels. By that point, he was seriously just showing his ignorance. But it was all right, I soon set him to rights…

Did you answer any seriously awkward questions yesterday? More to the point, did you run into anyone else with a towel? Because I didn’t. And that more than anything depressed me. Where I live is so un-froody it’s not even real.

4 thoughts on “Towel Day Roundup

  1. Unfortunately, as I’m on study leave, I did not actually have to take my towel anywhere, except when I went to the school shot to get measured up for my Sixth Form suit for next year (nearly typed Sith there, LOL).

    The shop assistants gave me odd looks, as did most people I passed.

    But I did see someone else carrying a towel on the way back … MY LATIN TEACHER! :D
    We pointed at each other and laughed, then carried on with our day. I will now reference Hitchiker’s Guide whenever I see her next. Hehehehehehe xD

    1. “The school shot to get measured up for my Sith Form suit” ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry. If you’d kept that second typo that would’ve been even funnier. And you have a cool Latin teacher – didn’t see a single one.

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