My Sister

My Sister

I’m heading up to Durham tomorrow, to visit my sister. It’s going to be a strange experience for me. The last time I was in Durham, it was right near the beginning of Bella’s time at uni there. The time before that we were visiting universities with her.

And this time?

She’s finished her finals.

Last year, when she was staying in a flat, I never got a chance to go up there. It’s odd, that – knowing where someone is, but not being able to imagine their surroundings. That’s why I like to see a place, to get a picture in my mind so that whenever I think of them they’re in that place. I haven’t had that for the couple of years.

I was planning to make a vlog while I was up there – “thoughts from places” and all that. I still might. Unfortunately, even the camera I’ve borrowed won’t talk to my computer, so it might not be possible to edit the video and put the clips together. Besides, I’ve pretty much put everything I wanted to say in this blog post. I still might make a video for you, a nice quick one…

I’ve a few other things to do so can’t stick around to write a long post, but let me know – do you have siblings/children/friends at university? Have you visited them? If so, why?

3 thoughts on “My Sister

  1. Well I am the older sibling going to university. But not for much longer as my little sister just finished school. I’m looking forward to visiting her.

  2. Well, well, well…

    Thanks for commenting over at MWi on the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun blogfest. Hope you’ll be hanging in there for the whole month. How did you find us?

    Just popped over to say hello, and must say I am in awe!

    I was immediately captivated by this mysterious site with so much apparently going on.

    If you can spare the time I’d love for you to email me direct – – and tell me more about the writing projects / ambitions / etc.

    What chance you would be interested in coming and doing at guest spot at MWi on the trials and tribulations of being so ambitious a writer while still keeping up with studies?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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