Long Time No Blog

Long Time No Blog

Long time no post. Oops.

I had a Maths exam on Monday. For those of you that are English, it was a GCSE. For some reason unbeknownst (is that a word?) to me, our school decided that the top three sets should take it early. Well, great plan, guys. Except you gave us some mega-easy mock, and then the exam?

So fricking hard!

I normally don’t panic in exams. No, that’s a lie – I normally don’t panic before exams. I panic when I see the questions. Maths exam, first ten questions, cool as a cucumber. I can do this!

And then I turned the page.

By the end of the exam, or by the time we walked out anyway, I had broken down in tears…. twelve times. I’d accidentally eaten three ibuprofen tablets (instead of two) on an empty stomach (instead of ‘with or after food’) not very long before the exam, so I was beginning to feel really nauseous. And I’d left out enough questions to ensure that the absolute highest mark I could get in that paper was 80%.

I got home, skipping an English revision session because of the nausea, and pretty much had a nervous breakdown. Didn’t manage to make it into school the next day. Spent it revising for the Calculator paper instead.

When you get to the point where an exam can make you cry – when your rubber with a calming Bible verse is confiscated (how can you cheat with a verse?) – when one exam can cause a nervous breakdown…

Surely this is the point where we should stop having exams?

6 thoughts on “Long Time No Blog

  1. Aww, Del! *hugs*
    I know I didn’t do the same paper as you, but some of the Maths papers I’ve done for homework have had me in tears. But look on the bright side (slightly morbid and defeatist though it may be) – at least you can retake next year if this one doesn’t go so well eh?

    And, from what I know of GCSEs, and my experience of the few I did last year, you nearly always do a heck of a lot better than you think you do.

    Oh, and one more thing. You can sit back and laugh at me in the summer when I fail my Maths because, unfortunately, the examiner does not give marks for any numbers, formulae or vaguely useful squigglies drawn on the page because they might be some vague semblance of the answer. That is, if they can read them at all in the carnage that became my working space … ;)

  2. Don’t worry too much about it. When I stress myself out over a test, I try to tell myself that it’s only ONE test, and it likely won’t change the outcome of my life.

    That works about 50 percent of the time…

    The other 50 percent, I just try to distract myself. LOL.

    Don’t worry too much–I’m sure you did fine!!

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