Moany Monday: I’m not going to grumble, but…

Moany Monday: I’m not going to grumble, but…

… actually I am.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been having serious issues with YouTube, in that it won’t upload anything. My computer hates me and keeps crashing and I’ve had a very stressful week with lots of exams and no free time.

Right. Moan over.

I’m going to do a video round-up every other Monday. For obvious reasons I can’t do that right now, since YouTube isn’t letting me upload videos and so I have nothing to round-up. *sigh*. Instead, I’ll pass onto you a few accounts that perhaps you should watch…

charlieissocoollike is probably the most famous vlogger that you’ve never heard of it. Charlie McDonnell. Um. Would get you a link, but I’m in a library.

vlogbrothers are also pretty big out there, started the nerdfighters … no, you have no idea what I’m talking about. Okay. Just go look them up.


How about blogs? Well…

Spook’s Scribblings 
The haunt of SpookOfNight, who is very cool and is quoted in my guest article that’s going out tomorrow…. (squeee!)

The Hack Novelist

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

My Pajama Days

Nathan Bransford’s Blog

Mark Williams International (just because they’re featuring me, so they’re cool)

Dancing With Dragons Is Hard On Your Shoes

I hope this will keep you entertained until my next post. I haven’t really kept to my title – I haven’t moaned. But I’m sure you can cope, right? I’ll send you a link to my guest post as soon as it’s up! ;)

5 thoughts on “Moany Monday: I’m not going to grumble, but…

  1. I has quotage? Aww! *huggles Del* I feel like I’m a little plant basking in the rays of your newfound blogging awesomesauce. Looking forward to reading the article too – where can I find it? What’s it about – presumably something about teen life in britain from what I gathered in the email xP

    1. I quoted the bit from your profile about authors getting distracted easily, to round up my whole article, sicne I couldn’t think how to end it! :) And it’s basically an introduction to me, since I’ll be doing posts in the future, mainly about writing and the sort of support I get from family etc.

  2. Hi Spook.

    Yes it’s all true. The infamous Del is about to become even more infamous, with a guest feature tomorrow (if you’re reading this Monday) at mark williams international, where future stars are showcased.

    So why is Del there? Basically she’s blackmailing me. She found out I like maths and am pretending to be a writer, so is threatening to expose my vice to the world unless I let her have a rant on my site every month.

    Every month!!! My readership will evaporate over night!

    So please tell all your friends to check in and make sure my traffic doesn’t go into reverse.

    That’s the amazing Delorfinde over at mark williams international on a screen near you, tomorrow and forever after.

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