Feather Pen Friday: I’m writing a novel, what’s new?

Feather Pen Friday: I’m writing a novel, what’s new?

So! Good morning, dear friends, good morning. I’m feeling a little lightheaded, probably because it’s about ten past eight and I’m already writing a blog post.

I’m writing a novel right now. I know! Terribly exciting, isn’t it? I’d forgotten how much fun writing was – it’s been ages since I wrote anything new. Properly, that is. I’ve been editing for goodness knows how long, and then I tried to start something but it petered out after less than ten thousand words, and I’ve just been stuck without writing…

But now I have a novel.

Let me give you the background of this novel. It’s the sequel to Watching, which is the one of which I have proof copies. It doesn’t have a title but tends to alternate between being called ‘Death and Fairies Book Two’ and ‘The Sequel’. That’s it’s name on the backup – The Sequel BACKUP. Well, you never know…

I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen. That is, I know the main plot, and I know what needs to happen, but I don’t know the exact ending and I’m not really sure who’s behind this big conspiracy because I haven’t got that far yet. I’m not sure they exist, to be honest. They’ll turn up in the end.

The main character is Alys, who’s the younger sister of the main character in Watching. Since most of the main characters in Watching died, I’m on a backup cast – Alys, Leah and Cormac. On top of this bunch of oldies, I’ve got some new people in to play the other roles, including a very stubborn character, Bronwyn.

(Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that I was having a huge amount of difficulty naming her the other day. She’s called Bronwyn, but I doubt she’ll keep that name forever.)

Now, the book’s not exactly cooperating. I’ve done around 30,000 words, and I’m not sure whether any of it’s any good. And then I’m not sure if it’s going to be in two parts. If it is, where should the climax of the bit in my head go? How long is this going to be? I have no idea! I’m beginning to think I should have worked this out before I started, but that’s not really my style.

What’s more, my characters are being incredibly disobedient. Actually, that’s not really fair. Bronwyn’s being incredibly disobedient. I spent so long trying to get her to tell me her name, and now that she has it’s just getting worse. She may or may not have a crush on Alys. I know. This is a YA book, my parents might read it, it’s not the sort of thing I want to write … and more to the point, I know that Protagonists often fall in love with Antagonists, but it’s not usually the other way around, right?

I’m sure that’ll sort itself out soon.

Anyway, I have to go, but I thought I should tell you about my new book that I’m writing so that my recording my progress does not seem weird (as it would if you had no idea what I was talking about). I hope I didn’t bore you too much…

Yes, I am very much following Spook’s motto: do unto your characters the most deranged things possible. After all, Alys has just spent a month unconscious and is discovering that she was rather more ill than she thought…

(She gave me a brain tumour~ Alys)
Now now, Alys, don’t tell lies. It’s not good for you.
(It’s not a lie! I’m telling the truth! ~Alys glares at the Readers~ Don’t listen to her!)

Readers, please ignore my rather vocal characters. I’m sure you know what it’s like, having characters that lie about you the entire time.

8 thoughts on “Feather Pen Friday: I’m writing a novel, what’s new?

  1. *giggles* didn’t you post those lines to my Chapter in Phoenix Triumphant? *grin*

    I’m going for:
    Watching, Listening, Learning
    *shrug* they make sense to me for your Death and Faries trilogy….
    You are still planning it to be a trilogy right?

    And what is it with trilogies? The seem seductive. *grin*

    And I see no reason why your antagonist can’t ahve a crush on the protagonist – watch Megamind, he does it… sort of. And I don’t see an issue with it being a gril crush… those things exisit you know. Mostly on famous people… But hey *shrug* It’s your book.

    :} Cathryn/Elo

    1. Yeah, I know they happen …. it’s just that I wasn’t expecting it, and Alys is so innocent and that. I don’t want Bronwyn to …. well, to corrupt her! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve absolutely nothing against lesbians, but it’s not for Alys and I don’t want Bronwyn messing her up.

  2. That’s the BEST way to write, Ms Del. If the characters aren’t running the show then it will be a boring story.

    We let our characters do it all. They even write their own blogs! And are quite rude about us authors sometimes.

    You can check out Ella’s blog here:


    She thinks she’s the star of the show. And she’s barely twelve! Its supposed to be an adult thriller. But she just won’t shut up.

    Little does she know what we’ve got in store for her…

    1. Oh, yes, characters definitely run it. I saw a badge that said, “My characters write the story. I just try to keep up.” I really want that badge…
      Spook, Elo and I have lots of character conversations. I’ll admit that my characters are usually the quiet ones – those two have some proper long conversations! But now I’ve got Alys as my MC, I’m really in for it. She’s so much more vocal than the others … and she’s not dead, which always helps. Alex and Jennie both are, or I’d have them nattering at me the whole time.
      Mind you, that doesn’t seem to stop Spook’s characters….

  3. He he those conversations are fun.. When Spook and I finally meet, I wouldn’t be surprised if our character appeared from our heads and went off galavanting with each other, leaving Spook and I to stare dumbly at each other wondering if we ever had anything to say outside our character conversations.

    But Mr. MIi, if Ella’d like to, she invited to have a ‘facebook account’ with comments

    It’s a really fun excersise and about ahlf of them are from Spook and I. Like Del said, we have very vocal characters. Also startling similar characters, which is probably why they get along so well.

    :} Cathryn / Elo

    1. Sounds like fun, cathryn! Just struggling to keep up with everything at the moment. We’re five weeks away from publication of our next book, bogged down with all the usual rigmarole of life, death and taxes and I’m also trying to balance a West African net and power supply that works when it suits them, not us.

      Did see your message on protag by the way and will respond asap!

      Ms Miridel, Alys sounds well cool. Can’t wait to see some of your famed writing for real!

  4. I’M BACK!
    Sorry, D of E ate my soul this week – only got back an hour ago, bleck!

    Anywho … I know exactly how you feel. Legend is being a pain with me too, and I TOTALLY sympathise with lying, conniving characters … evil little blighters don’t like me much at the moment either xP

    Anyway, best of luck with it!

    As for my vocal characters ….. will someone shut the dead ones up. I think they think they’re safe because I can’t kill them off again. *glares at them*


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