Feather Pen Friday: I’m stuck!

Feather Pen Friday: I’m stuck!

Umm, well, I’ve stuck in an ‘Interlude’ in my novel. Should I then start from Chapter One again, or should I continue with Chapter Twenty?

Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Feather Pen Friday: I’m stuck!

  1. An interlude in a novel is not dissimilar to an interlude in a film. You don’t start all over with anything when you return with you popcorn and hot-dog.

    Part One, Part Two or Party Fifty, it’s the same book. Having two “chapter ones” in a book is just confusing.

    There’s no rulebook, but the convention is consecutive chapters all the way through.

    If it’s a trilogy and each part is being separately published, that’s different. All in one volume: one run of chapters.

    1. That is very helpful, thanks! I’ve read quite a few books where they start again, but some where they don’t. I guess the solution is to have chapter titles and not numbers.

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