Mad Monday: Teasers!

Mad Monday: Teasers!

Because I didn’t want to limit myself to moaning, nor did I think you’d want me to moan every week.

Teasers from my WIP, which is the sequel to my novel Watching, which is going to rewritten as soon as the Sequel (no title) is finished! :)

Selected using MS Word Auto-Summarize….

  • We can’t have her on Bronwyn’s side, can we?
  • I’m sorry, Lenna. The fairies tend to be a little old-fashioned on that.
  • “You’re Bronwyn’s right-hand man,” I said, disbelieving.
  • Bronwyn grinned, her teeth very white against her grubby face and purple hair. “We want you to kill Alys Hatton.”
Well, I hope you enjoyed that. That was just a few teasers from what I’ve written for Camp NaNoWriMo, since July 1st ( I look forward to sharing more teasers with you, but right now I should be writing! :)


7 thoughts on “Mad Monday: Teasers!

  1. Hatton eh? Noice.
    Purple hair on Bronwyn eh? Hehe, I can totally see that suiting her, from what I know of her xD

    Now, I need to get back to plotting my own project! xD

  2. Nope.. No enjoyment. There was not narly enough of the stroy to be enjoyable. All it did was make me salivate for more. *grin*

    Although.. Bronwyn plotting to kill her crush… that is intriguing. *griggles*

    :} Elo / Cathryn Leigh… Elorithryn Leigh? *sigh*

    1. Ha ha :) Yes, she wants to kill Alys. For various reasons, but mainly it’s just because she wants to make Lenna do it… :/ I hate characters like this. They’re just so blooming mean. She was supposed to be misguided, but she’s turned out to be evil.

  3. Welcome to the world of mine… Wholawski was NEVER meant to be as mean and nasty as he has turned out to be…. *shudder* He was only just supposed to be a power hungery guy, annoyed at being a bastard and never having been ‘baptised’. Now it turns out he delights in tortureing and abusing people (both genders)…. And he’s a greedy bastard who will stop at nothing to get the throne of Azure and Vervell for his own! GNAH!

    So yes Del I feel your pain. *sigh*

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty dramatic. Well, Bronwyn’s not a mass murderer or anything, but she’s proved herself to be not above assassination of a sixteen-year-old.

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