Feather Pen Friday: I just finished a novel

Feather Pen Friday: I just finished a novel

Well, the title says it all really, but I did just finish a novel. It still doesn’t have a title (might do a John Green and just not give it a title ’til it’s due to come out) but it’s finished. I started writing it 17th June, so I finished it in just under a month. It’s around 81,000 words, and it’s a first draft – it needs a lot of work.

I was taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, a July/August challenge to write a 50k novel in a month (unlike actual NaNo, which is November). Because my novel started earlier, I had to paste the new stuff into a different document to get my wordcount which was complicated, and you probably don’t care, butbasically that means that although my 81k novel is complete, I haven’t actually finished Camp NaNo yet.

In fact I’ve got, like, another 15k to write before I can say I completed it, and I’m going on tour with my orchestra next Saturday. Which you will be able to read about, by the way, as I’m hoping to find a computer / internet cafe in order to blog while I’m there. However that will be at www.miriamlongman.blogspot.com since that’s where I talk about music and stuff :)

Having just finished this novel I’m at rather a loose end, because I can’t start my next one for at least another week. Rest assured that I do have reasoning for that:

– The book requires research. That’s the main reason I can’t start it until after next Thursday, since next Thursday is the day I’ve scheduled to spend four hours in the biggest library in Bexley, researching Communist Russia and typing all my notes into ‘OneNote’ in my computer so that I can actually write the freaking novel.

– I don’t know what’s going to happen yet. Okay, so that doesn’t usually bother me, but I still don’t want to plunge into this one unawares. I’ve written a historical novel before, but it was about a real person so I knew what was gonna happen. This one? Nah, I made her up. It has to be plotted.

– I’ve only just finished the last one, another book I took seriously. I feel like pantsing something before I go on and try and write something vaguely decent, you know?


Anyway, I’m tired and I’m stressed and it’s late at night and I’m on my own in the house having just watched Torchwood – not a good plan when you’re as paranoid as me – so I’m going to stop with the random pictures and go to sleep.

Pictures are due to Mark Williams International as he told me to do them :)



I hope my lack of blog posts – and, in fact, videos – hasn’t put you off. You know what it’s like to be busy. *sigh* I’ll try and resume normal service, though I’m off to Italy next Saturday which might make it a little difficult.

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