Gybe-oh, mind your head,
Did you hear what the skipper said?
Oi, you there, hoist the sail,
And you get on your knees and bail,
Sail … into the lees (into the lees!)
Into the trees (into the trees!)
And stuff the cruisers up the mudbanks!
We quant through green and slimy things,
We row round and round in rings,
We get stuck in the loos,
‘Cos we’re the Harriers cruise!

Okay, so this week I’ve been away on a camp called Harriers A. It’s run by Scripture Union, a Christian organisation, and it’s sailing on the Norfolk Broads. I’ve not sailed before, so it was rather interesting…

I’m not going to tell you much about it now; I’m exhausted. But I’ll tell you this:

I have 67 handwritten A5 pages to type up. Most of the time, my handwriting is pretty small. I’m going to France in two days and even when this is typed up I’ll still be behind on Camp NaNoWriMo. What’s more, I’m so tired I’ve had more typos in this blog post than I had in the first draft of my NaNo Novel! (Okay, so that was a lie. That’s impossible…)

No time for blogging now. I’m going to watch Torchwood to give my fingers a break. Just don’t be surprised if I seem to ignore your emails for a while :)

My notebook is rather abused, I have to admit.

Oh, and the song at the top was one of our favourites at Harriers. If I manage to get a new camera on Monday (yes, I lost mine sailing, on the first day … it never turned up! But I’m getting a new one with better video) I’ll hopefully film it with the actions and put it up for all of you to see. Until then …

ugh, my head …

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