Help Me Decrease World-Suck

Help Me Decrease World-Suck

Dearest blog readers, and anyone else who has misguidedly ended up here, I come here today with a plea not on my behalf, but on behalf of the charity I have chosen to support – Stop the Traffik.

I am vehemently anti-trafficking, especially since slavery is thought by so many people to have been wiped out. They are WRONG! And so for this year’s Project for Awesome, I made a video about Stop the Traffik.

Please watch, ‘like’, comment on (preferably on the actual YouTube page rather than here) and share this video! I’m not asking this on my own behalf, but rather because I would like to see awareness of trafficking be raised and I want to help raise money for the charity, as well as gain them supporters.

Here is the video (please click through to YouTube and leave a comment if you are able, and send it to your friends). For more information about the Project for Awesome and how exactly it works, go to their website.

Remember, this request is not for my own benefit, but for the charity. You know I hate self-promotion, so the fact that I am resorting to doing this on every website shows I feel it is important!

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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