Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

It is half past ten on Christmas Eve. The internet is in ultimate go-slow mode; the Google logo is dancing to Jingle Bells; I’m editing a novel in bed with an ear infection (two ear infections, in fact); and it doesn’t feel quite like Christmas yet.

It probably should be now.

I mean, I’ve done the whole last minute wrapping presents thing before – this wasn’t my first year. And this time I actually had an excuse, which was that I haven’t felt up to being upright for that long all week, so this was my first chance to wrap things.

And I’ve only been making gingerbread to hang on the Christmas tree for about four years now, so it shouldn’t feel that odd that I haven’t (I didn’t want to spread my germs to the rest of the family). And yes, I didn’t go carol singing, but that was because nobody asked me to. But I’ve sat by the light of the Christmas tree, played ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ on my desktop’s piano gadget, and planned a video to make tomorrow, Christmas Day … so why doesn’t it feel quite like Christmas?

Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been thinking about whether this is all about the presents and the stories they tell you and little kids dressed up as shepherds with tea towels on their heads. Perhaps it’s because when you’re working six hours a day on a novel you thought you’d finished, it doesn’t feel like a holiday.

Whatever it is, it’s passing now that we’ve laid out our stockings on the rug in front of the fireplace. Yes, we still have stockings, though I’m the only one of us three who’s not yet a legal adult. It’s passing now that I’ve seen presents all wrapped up in my parents’ room, and wrapped my own, and put them beneath the tree. It’s passing now I’ve watched The Nutcracker on TV and got Pomplamoose’s christmas songs stuck in my head.

It’s passing.

And so I want to wish all of you beautiful blog readers a very merry Christmas, from London, UK. I hope that you have a fantastic day with your families or friends or on your own, whether you celebrate Christmas or it’s just another day. Even if tomorrow is nothing special on your calendar, let it be a brilliant day for you! Let everything go right!

And I will be back with long and much more coherent* blog posts when I am no longer fighting ear infections :)

*coherency not guaranteed.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2011

  1. Ear infections suck. I suspect my son might have one now, but the hubby doesn’t want to take him to the doctors. *sigh* he’s passed out sleeping on the couch, somewhat peacefully.

    Anyway enough of the depressing. I’ve got my Kindle! It’s name is Kaylee (continuing with the Firefly theme as the Netbook is Willow). It’s the first gen, but that’s fine. I don’t mind being ‘late’ on the techno uptake. More people to help me when things go wrong (okay so long as is not too, too late).

    Merry Christmas Miriam! I hope you got what you wanted this year. Looking at the pile of stuff under the tree you’d have thought we had four kids or more, not two! And that was mostly from the In-laws (okay I think the hubby and I went a little over board).

    :} Cathryn

    1. My Kindle is called Bronwyn, after one of my characters =) I’ll have to do a post on that subject soon, I think.
      The majority of my presents this year were useful more than anything else, which was great – new hard drive, so that my laptop doesn’t die, new watch, so that maybe I can be on time for something, occasionally… :D

  2. Merry Christmas to you too. I was sick leading up to the holidays and it affected my mood a lot. My kids keep my perspective though so that helps.
    I hope you are feeling better and have gotten some rest now that the big day is behind you. There is value in resting too.

    1. I was feeling rather worse yesterday, actually – Christmas Day itself was really not too bad, but Boxing Day I could hear a thing. But I’m feeling much better this morning. Thank you :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Miriam! Hope you had a good one. I’m all the way on the east coast of America, but it’s not hard to imagine a Christmas greeting all the way from London, England (where I wish I could visit–VERY SOON). I will be drinking lots of tea* this week…I do anyway, because I’m quarter English or whatever, but now especially because there are so many family members in the house. It helps calm the feeling of claustrophobia, you know?

    *(Random note: do you have a favorite tea brand? Mine is PG Tips, which is unfortunately very expensive here. I also like Irish Breakfast, but really anything strong will do. I usually need the caffeine.)

    1. I get Sainsbury’s Own, mainly. The Red Label stuff, because it’s fairtrade, and I’m a massive advocate for that sort of thing :) When I was in a different supermarket the other day, I had the option of buying their brand which was about 70p, or the fairtrade brand which was organic as well and cost almost two quid. I was just about to go home and make a ‘Project for Awesome’ video about Stop the Traffik, so I would’ve felt awful if I bought the cheap one … so I got the fairtrade one.
      With my mum’s money, I might add.

      1. I know, I saw your awesome video! Very well done. I am now more aware of trafficking than ever, and I do try to look for the fair trade stuff as much as I can. Sometimes my parents don’t buy it because of the expense; but, then, they haven’t seen your video. :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas yourself! I think just about everyone has eaten their weight in sugar cookies by now.

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