In Which Miriam Is Egotistical

In Which Miriam Is Egotistical

I’ve been writing this blog since August of 2010 and for eighteen months before that, I had a different blog, which I abandoned for numerous reasons, so many of my readers know me quite well. Several of you know me from elsewhere, even if ‘elsewhere’ is within the confines of the Internet (and if the internet is confined, then what is real life?), and some of you have even met me. But occasionally I wonder if there isn’t a lot about me that you don’t know.

I’m not saying you care about every aspect of my life. Or that you really want to know about my friends. I definitely believe there’s a line between a ‘wonderfully honest’ blog and ‘too much information’. In fact, I see that line crossed far too often for my liking.

But, at the same time, it would be nice if you could have a clear picture of me as more than just the girl who writes and rants about books every now and again. Right? I may be misjudging you. It’s entirely possible you couldn’t give a monkey’s. Nevertheless, I’ll now proceed to tell you about me. Whether you like it or not.

Muah ha ha.

Okay, the facts:

  • I am a student. You know that. As a member of the Teens Can Write Too blog chain, I’m evidently a teen. I’m currently taking exams in numerous subjects – next year, I’ll be narrowing down to four. I intend to take English, Music, Classical Civilisations and French.
  • I am five foot three and a half, which is two and a half inches taller than my mother, and haven’t grown in three years. My feet are anything between a UK size 3 and a UK size 4, at least a size and a half smaller than any of my friends.
  • As well as being short myself, I have very short hair, though previously it was very long. I cut it off on the 31st October 2011 and am now growing it back.
  • I don’t wear glasses, but sunlight hurts my eyes – I must spend too much time on the internet.
  • I play the violin, the flute and the piccolo, and take ballet classes. I want to play the bagpipes, the harp, the oboe and the accordion. As all of these instruments are either inconvenient, expensive, loud, irritating or several of the above, I am not allowed to do so while living under my parents’ roof.
  • I am currently working on a long short story inspired by Welsh legend, as well as St Mallory’s Forever!, and edits of my novel Watching.
  • My favourite new author (that is, author to whose work I am new but like very much) is Tom Holt.
  • I tend to write on my hands, a lot. Sometimes it is reminders of the conventional sort such as ‘post letter’, and other times… it is not. Currently written in purple ink (I ran out of blue cartridges) I have: Gronw Pebyr (Math, Gwydion). Shrove. Owl clock? Dismantle. This pretty much equates to the entire plot of said short story (the word ‘shrove’ was totally unrelated, but necessary at the time).
  • I make videos, and while I try and improve them with each video I’ll sometimes go through a period where my camera just won’t cooperate, probably as a result of the paint it has accumulated. I intend to buy a proper camcorder some time.
  • I bought an aviator hat recently, and really like it.
  • As I am coming to the end of compulsory schooling, we were voting on ‘awards’ within our forms – Most Likely to Become… etc. I was nominated for ‘Most Likely To Go To Prison’ (I think ironically, though my sociopathic tendencies may have had something to do with it), but didn’t win, which is probably a good thing.
  • I am currently reading “The Better Mousetrap” by Tom Holt. The last book I read was “You don’t have to be evil to work here, but it helps”, also by Tom Holt. He’s great. And, I’ve just discovered, he’s written loads of books, which means I’m not going to run out of reading material for a while. Hooray!

This is the end of this egotistical, factual post. Thank you for your time.

11 thoughts on “In Which Miriam Is Egotistical

  1. *giggles* So THAT”S who youa re eh? I don’t think I like you any more… *grins* Naw…. I jsut wish I could have only taken Four subjects in my last year of school… that would have been so awesome! At least I didn’t have to take a plain old English class and could take soemthing cool like Shakespere (who’s name I am forever having trouble spelling).

    As to the category you were nominated in… must have been all the author conversations people overheard. Still being moninated for something is cool… I don’t think I was nominated for anything. :}

    1. Heh, I think it was more to do with the fact that my form tutor couldn’t be bothered to do it properly because he thinks it’s stupid, so we were all coming up with people who we figured to be the least likely and nominating them, and as I’m a bit of a goody goody, it was me. Everyone in the class thought this was hilarious except my friends, who knew it was probably true! :D

  2. Writing on hands FTW! I ALWAYS have stuff on my hands, sometimes schoolwork or things I need to remember for essays, sometimes just interesting words I like … and sometimes things that must have been important once, but I forget what on earth I mean by them, lol.

    AS Levels might suit you …. though hte workload is horrific at first. It perks up though, honest! Though the exams are ridiculously early o_O

    I feel pretty cool / stalkerish for knowing most of these points already … and why are you growing your hair back out? I like the fluffy Tennant look!

      1. I have never been happier than when I dropped Maths. I love Sixth Form, but the workload does take some getting used to … then again, I never did Art. That might give you some preparation, lol!

        1. Certainly I have learned a lot about patience. I don’t know how I’ll react to the workload. I’m a very fast worker. You’ve had enforced homework time, as it were, for much of your school life – mine has always been squeezed in when I could do it. I think it’ll be much the same in sixth form, except I’ll have private study. I actually expect it’ll be easier as there are fewer subjects – at the moment, all the teachers think theirs is most important but I can’t revise them all at once!

          1. It is easier in some ways, but those “fewer subjects” will give you a LOT more work in a LOT more detail. you’d be surprised how easy it is to procrastinate during scheduled work time, and heck knows I need every single one of my “frees” in order to complete all my work! Noisy corridor mates and prefect duties and extra-curricular stuff doesn’t help either ::P

            Teacher logic. It fails :P

  3. It’s interesting to hear more about you as a person–I do indeed care. I just picked up the habit of writing on my hands this year. Maybe that’s what high school does to you. The only instrument I play is the piano, but I very much want to learn guitar, harp, and bagpipe. Other than that (and being a student and teen, of course), we don’t have much in common off this list. Maybe I’ll do a post like this at some point…

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