Kiss Me Kate Diaries: #3

Kiss Me Kate Diaries: #3

Somewhat mini edition tonight because it’s 11pm and I just played a show, but as it’s my turn for the TCWT blog chain tomorrow (and I notice they’ve now added a 1000-word limit, woe is me), I had to do this now.

Wednesday, 4th July – Second night

Went pretty well. This is the gala night when all the governors come and watch, all the teachers come and laugh at their students in costume, and the people from the Arts Council come to decide whether or not they should give us money. All terrifying and that, but the real stress for me was that my parents were there. Shock horror.

Nevertheless, they seemed impressed. Mum even complimented me on my violin-playing posture. Ha! Okay, so my wrist was still dead by the end, but I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with it.

Conor’s ad-libbing was entertaining as usual. In his ‘phone’ scene – “Yes, we’re hanging around backstage in tights. Yes of course I’m taking my job seriously!”

A minor blip was one of the younger cast members giggling – evidently his parents were in the audience too. But we managed to cover that up relatively well. Fraser, the General, also fell down the stairs and hit his head at one point. Though he came on and did his main scene, he stayed backstage for the rest of the show including what should have been a minor scene of his, and didn’t appear for his bows. But it sounds like he’s okay.

Thursday, 5th July – Third night

Pretty tough crowd, I can tell you. Primarily made up of sixth-formers, a lot of them probably didn’t get the jokes, which would explain why they didn’t laugh. Hey, I didn’t get the jokes either (my parents explained them to me in the car on the way home). Apparently it helps to know who Noel Coward is. Which I now do.

They were enthusiastic in their applause, but didn’t laugh during scenes at all in the first half, and only a little in the second – either too nervous, or it just went straight over their heads. Nevertheless, the band mainly agree that this was our best night for playing, and that’s just as well, for some of the media students were filming it. They’re planning to edit it and make it into a DVD, I hear.

I discovered that the ‘So In Love – Reprise’ is actually beautiful enough to move me almost to tears. I guess this must have been the first time we played it right.

Conor extends his ad-libbing – “We’re alone in the theatre in tights. No, it’s not what you think.” He later gets told off and told to stick to the script.

Friday, 6th July – Last night

It went well enough, for a last night. By the end of the week everyone’s shattered and I’d come straight from a ballet rehearsal (and I’d gone there straight from archery, where I’d gone straight from a violin lesson…), so we’re not at our best. Despite a couple of missed cues and some microphone troubles, certain scenes were the best we’ve done then.

The Two Men kept their ad-libbing to a minimum, preferring to mime it rather than actually make up lines. This was mainly because right before they went on stage, Ms Fisher (assistant director) informed them that if they changed the script any more, she’d kill them. Oops.

No notable band pranks – unusual for a last night. We did have our ‘awards’ (cakes!) beforehand though, and I won, “Most creative name on t-shirt” (as we have personalised t-shirts). I had chosen ‘Miriarty’, which they all thought was very clever. Stefan and Eleanor were both awarded ‘Adequate substitute for strings’, as flautists doubling the violin part, though we felt ‘adequate’ was pushing it ;) And Ben, the keys player, got ‘Of course my keyboard can do that’ (though I think ‘adequate substitute for everything’ would have been more accurate.)

I spent two hours this morning baking chocolate chip cookies, which I went around force-feeding to the band, cast, crew and anyone else wandering nearby. I still have some left over. I may have overestimated the amounts I would need…

And that’s all from me for today, as it’s late and I have to dance at a local festival tomorrow morning (which means getting up at about nine, and as the sugar I’ve eaten will keep me up ’til the early hours, it’s not going to be easy). I’ll be back with my Teens Can Write Too! blog chain post tomorrow.

See you then!

6 thoughts on “Kiss Me Kate Diaries: #3

  1. Yeah! Well done! Though I’m not sure I can really say that having never seen you perform at all. *grins*

    Still it seems you have managed to surrvivie – so good for you! Now get some rest (as soon as you are able) and find writ strengthening exercises. :}

  2. Holy cow, reading all these posts has been exhausting for ME. I can’t imagine how tired you must have been. I hope you got lots of sleep and hot tea. Congrats on finishing!

  3. That show sounds like a giant pile of crazy. Just like all productions should be. Loki in a leotard, I need to get into a new play before I go mad – I miss acting so much! You’re giving me nostalgia xD

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