February (Retrospect and Reminiscing #2)

February (Retrospect and Reminiscing #2)

So, February! Yesterday I began my reflection on 2013 with an overview of what happened in January, and we’re going to carry right on where that left off.focus!

February, as a month, didn’t begin to well. In fact, within a couple of days I’d had my heart broken. Gently, and in the most friendly manner possible, but it still sucked massively. Then, on Valentine’s Day, Charley sent me her first draft of Ikarus – and killed one of my favourite characters. Brutally. Heartlessly. As if being sad and single on the 14th wasn’t bad enough, even my OTP couldn’t have a happy ending. I still haven’t forgiven her.

The month saw the continuation of the Massive Identity Crisis that began in January, with several emotional moments and the added burden of complicating my family relationships. I know it seems like I’m being mysterious about it, but honestly, it’s just far too complex to go into as part of another post, and I intend to write about it in depth after I finish this series.

Looking over my Facebook posts, it seems that I spent a lot of February asleep, mostly on the floor, which is basically how I remember it too. At one point, I was having difficulty writing a scene, and took to the floor as a protest, accidentally falling asleep there for an hour. However, my posts have reminded me that I took my grade eight flute exam that month, the last musical exam I did and probably ever will do, since my hands kind of scuppered my plans to get grade eight violin.

I also started learning to drive. Which wasn’t a huge success. My first lesson was reasonably successful: nobody died and I didn’t even stall. Unfortunately, as time went on it became evident that using the clutch caused distress to my kneecap, and my thumb had a habit of dislocating every time I used the gear stick, so we eventually concluded that it wasn’t working out for me and I stopped learning to drive.

In terms of writing, I finished the second draft of Returning (as it was called then; it’s the Death and Fairies book I mentioned yesterday) and started plotting my next novel, which was called Forget My Wings. I went for a walk among the bluebells of early Spring and returned home with characters and a setting – and a list of feasible names for other characters – so I’d say it was pretty successful. I began the novel at the very end of the month, sending it to Charley in five-chapter instalments as part of my revenge for Ikarus.

I also received my first rejection for what was then Watching, and began the WALL OF REJECTION above my bed that consists of printed-out emails from agents to remind me that they think my writing is good but my novel wasn’t good enough.


In addition, I wrote fourteen poems, including one inspired by the release of the paperback edition of St Mallory’s Forever! and our subsequent discovery of a bunch of typos in that edition of it. (There were two chapter twelves and I have legitimately no idea how we missed that.)

I made a number of videos about writing advice and also one about how much I seemed to be growing up in the couple of weeks since I’d turned seventeen, which is basically very similar to this post except in video format and shorter and things.

On my blog, I talked about allegory in my novels, and whether that’s a good thing; I also told everyone that everything you do is research so go ahead and have that TV marathon. Or something. It wasn’t a massively productive month for blog posts (only 8, and one of them was a three-line apology), but I touched on a variety of topics including my lack of life experience that makes it hard to set novels in anything other than created worlds or South-East London.

As far as I can remember, I managed not to offend or upset anybody, but I didn’t get my hat back. My search continued for some time, but we never retrieved it, which was genuinely tragic.

Books I read included a re-read of “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”, which I first read several years ago and definitely enjoyed. I also read “Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit” and “The Bell Jar”; the latter turned out to be one of our coursework texts for English Lit this year, so I’ve read it far too many times now, but that was the first time. It terrified me because of how accurately it reflected the inside of my brain, although my enjoyment of it decreased somewhat after the fifth time of reading…

february books

(If you want to see all the books I read this year – and, indeed, what I thought of them – you can look at this list on Goodreads. You may need to be my ‘friend’ to view it, in which case you’re welcome to add me. The answer to my ‘challenge question’ has been mentioned on this blog in the past.)

February’s a short month, so there’s not much else to say. It mainly functioned as a continuation of January, both in emotional terms and in what happened. I finished writing a book I started in January. The paperback of St Mall’s came out after the e-book in January. Much like last year, which was basically a continuation of the one before it, not a lot happened in February in its own right.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at March, which I don’t remember at all: I’ll need to review my own social media posts to find out! Doesn’t that say something about consciousness these days? Everything is recorded, so if I want to know what happened, I can just look back. And of course, I’ll never be allowed to forget any of it…

Like yesterday, I welcome any comments about what happened to you in February. If anything did. Tell me things. I like being told things. :)

7 thoughts on “February (Retrospect and Reminiscing #2)

  1. I still have sort-of-guilty feelings about the timing of the Ikarus debacle . . . but no remorse whatsoever for the event itself. I will make it a little more legitimate in the next draft, though. Maybe it’ll just be cruel and heartless instead of pointless then.

    I also remember having a Skype conversation with you while you were lying on the floor.

    1. I think most of our Skype conversations result in me lying on the floor. And yes, timing wasn’t your strong point, really. There were half a dozen reasons why you SHOULDN’T have done that then, and you did it anyway. Sigh…

  2. I talk to my window when I have writers block. Which is fine, because it looks across a valley to a paddock of cows. If they could hear me, I know they’d care.

    Grade 7 flute and Grade 8 violin??! o.O My mind is boggled. I’m sorry about your hands and dislocating thumb. That sucks. Driving is a lot of fun, particularly when you’re alone and can take the corners just the little itty bit faster then the instructors say you can. My double-jointed fingers/thum annoy the heck out of me when I play the cello. Life of a musician, right? -_-

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