These are the books I currently have available. Please click the titles for more information and purchasing links.


Please note that if you’re interested in my poetry but unsure whether you want to buy a collection, you can visit my Sample Poems page to have a look at a few pieces of my work. :)

Broken Body Fragile Heart, October 2014 – a poetry collection. Available on Kindle and as a paperback via Blurb or other online retailers (Amazon, BookDepository etc).

Fleeting Ink, April 2014 – a poetry collection. Available on Kindle.

Crossroads Poetry, January 2014 – a poetry collection, fundraiser, and demon deal. Available on Kindle.


St Mallory’s Forever,with Charley Robson and Saffina Desforges, January 2013 – a modern take on the boarding-school mystery genre. Available as an e-book or paperback from various sellers. We also have a dedicated St Mallory’s blog.

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