Don’t Apologise For Your Blog

Don’t Apologise For Your Blog

I don’t have a blogging schedule.

I have a good reason for this.

I see three types of people with blogging schedules. The first type post on time almost every single week (whether once or three times), they schedule posts when they go away, and their posts are meaningful and make me jealous. The second type have some great posts, but also a lot of ‘filler’ posts because they had no idea what to blog about. The third type start every post with “this should have gone up yesterday” or “I’m sorry it’s so long since I blogged”.

Though type one is a wonderful person and has a great blog following, I’m not them. I never will be them. My overcrammed schedule means I write blog posts quickly, powered by lemonade (I’m ill and tea makes me feel worse, so it’s lemonade at the moment. Fizzy helps).

Type two is the sort of blogger I don’t want to become, though I’m aware that several of my posts a month probably seem like ‘filler’ posts, if not all of them. I open my laptop to write blog posts if and when I have an idea for a blog post. I generally have quite a few ideas, so that’s not too much of a strain. I also make vlogs and I manage to have enough ideas for both, which is good.

Type three … I’m that sort of person. I used to try and keep to a blogging schedule but I rarely did because some weeks I was free on Wednesdays and some weeks I wasn’t, and that’s just how it worked out. The same thing happened with my history videos – I promised a new one on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but that didn’t always happen.

I realised I needed to stop apologising.

Recently a few bloggers to whom I have subscriptions have written a post that starts with, “It’s a few months since I last wrote. You’re probably wondering what happened to me.”

When I see that, yes, I’m glad that they’ve come back, and I remember fondly their posts and blog. But I don’t look at my inbox every day thinking, “Where’s so-and-so? Where is their post?”

The chances are if you don’t post on time, I don’t notice. I’m a busy person. I expect most of your readers are busy too. They probably won’t notice.

Maybe if it’s a month or two, they’ll begin to worry, especially if you’ve just vanished without warning, but a week when you told them you were going on holiday? They won’t start pining.

So I unapologetically refuse to stick to a blogging schedule, despite all the social media gurus telling me to. I write blog posts when I have ideas for blog posts and don’t stress if a few days go by when I don’t. I rarely schedule posts, unless it’s for the Teens Can Write Too! blog chain (the one post where it matters if I post it on a certain day), and sometimes, just occasionally, I write two days running.

And I’m not sorry.

You don’t want filler posts and apologetic pictures of cute animals and/or actors (okay, maybe you do. Go to my Tumblr. I’ll meet you there). You don’t want me writing some drabble about my life that you really don’t care about. You want vaguely meaningful stuff, right?

Okay, I’ll give you meaningful stuff.

Just don’t expect me to tell you when I’ll give it to you. It shall come from nowhere, like the Spanish Inquisition. It shall be quietly meaningful in a corner. And then it shall go away.

Because that’s how I do things around here. It seems to be working okay so far.

Oh, and if any of my less than complimentary descriptions match your blog, please don’t be offended. A lot of you, I like the filler posts. They’re infinitely better than my filler posts would be. Just because it wouldn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for you. It’s how you like to run your blog that matters, and how I like to run my blog, and you shouldn’t listen when people tell you to do it differently (unless they’re right).

So there.

This has been a vaguely meaningful post containing several blog-related rants.

19 thoughts on “Don’t Apologise For Your Blog

  1. Hmm. I suppose I’m closest to the 1st kind. I have meaningful posts (I think), but I post whenever I have ideas. Which is fairly frequently, but I don’t worry if a couple of days go by in between posts.

    I subscribe to hardly any blogs, so I hardly notice when someone’s been away forever…

    1. I’m subscribed to quite a few blogs, but some of them I read more religiously than others. Generally, there are a few I read in detail as soon as the post arrives in my inbox, and others I leave until the weekend to read if I have time. But it varies a lot :D

  2. I am probably a cross between types two and three. Frankly, this summer, I pretty much forgot about posting and so now that I am back in school, I’m more like a type two. Hopefully, they’re not too bad of posts, but every once in a while I am overwhelmed with schoolwork and schedule next week’s post with something random about pink jellyfish who eat fruit kabobs or whatever. I tend to write next week’s post this week, then schedule it. I really don’t know why, except for the fact that I find it useful to do it that way. I think that’s enough blabbering about my posting schedule, so I’ll go be productive and write an actual post on my blog.

    1. It’s definitely harder to remember to post in the holidays. I usually post far more during term time because I find myself in the library with ten minutes on the computer – not enough to do any writing (except during NaNo when I’ll take what I can get) but enough to blog. Most of my favourite posts were written at times like those :-)

      1. Me too! Although, WordPress is blocked on the school computers at my school, so a lot of my posts are written after I finish my homework, (or if I’m feeling lazy, before I do my homework :P ) Also, sometimes, I get my ideas from my Language Arts “journal” or Creative Writing. Just a thought.

        1. Oh, that’s a shame – that it’s blocked. I’m quite lucky in that our system isn’t super strict so I can access quite a few websites I use a lot. I mean, last year, tumblr wasn’t blocked. I’m hoping it won’t be this year, but I don’t know yet.

  3. I agree with you there. Admittedly I suspect I’m a Type Two, but I find I rather have to have a schedule because I’ve got a bit of a tick about leaving something important alone for too long. I try to avoid useless fillers, but sometimes I just can’t help it – if I didn’t put something up, it would niggle at me until I went madder than Moriarty on a Monday morning. Call me a twitchy weirdo, but it’s true.

    Personally, I like your slightly haphazard blogging style. It gives me plenty to look forward to when I come back after a disappearance :)

  4. Hah, stop apologizing, that’s a good point :-)
    I usually get annoyed of people who permanently apologize for not blogging, even if they blog often than me, and then they blog lots not-very-meaningful stuff and that’s it.

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